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“Mania was a mental state every bit as dangerous as depression. At first, however, it felt like a rush of euphoria. You were completely captivating, completely charming; everybody loved you. You took ridiculous physical risks, jumping out of a third-floor dorm room into a snowbank, for instance. It made you spend your year’s fellowship money in five days. It was like having a wild party in your head, a party at which you were the drunken host who refused to let anyone leave, who grabbed people by the collar and said, “Come on. One more!” When those people inevitably did vanish, you went out and found others, anyone and anything to keep the party going. You couldn’t stop talking. Everything you said was brilliant. You just had the best idea. Let’s drive down to New York! Tonight! Let’s climb on top of List and watch the sunrise! Leonard got people to do these things. He led them on incredible escapades. But at some point things began to turn. His mind felt as if it was fizzing over. Words became other words inside his head, like patterns in a kaleidoscope. He kept making puns. No one understood what he was talking about. He became angry, irritable. Now, when he looked at people, who’d been laughing at his jokes an hour earlier, he saw that they were worried, concerned for him. And so he ran off into the night, or day, or night, and found other people to be with, so that the mad party might continue…”

In The Marriage Plot, Jeffrey Eugenides describes the manic phase of bipolar disorder better than I have every read or heard it described.


Photo-a-day – July 9th, 2013

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Today I got SO MANY Beverly Cleary and Judy Blume books for our nieces.

MacLeod’s Books on West Pender St by Suicide Blonde

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Just wanna curl up here for days

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Books we took out of the library on July 6th, 2013

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Lesbohemea and I took out 35 books from the central branch of the Vancouver Public Library yesterday and then carried them all home on the train because we are SUPERWOMEN!

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MacLeod’s Books on West Pender Street by Suicide Blonde

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MacLeod's Books on West Pender Street by Suicide Blonde

I think that this used bookstore is what Heaven must look like. You can follow them on tumblr!

Take a look, it’s in a book!

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Take a look, it's in a book!

I decided to re-read The Hunger Games triology in May. Just as delightful the second time as the first!

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Vegan carob chip cookies with organic chai tea for afternoon tea

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Vegan carob chip cookies with organic chai tea for afternoon tea

Today I was feeling out of sorts so my lady made me these delicious cookies, which I ate with my chai tea and read some LM Montgomery and did some journaling. So it ended up being a good day in the end. Really can not overemphasize how good these cookies were.

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