The Annotated Alice: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, And, Through the Looking-Glass Review by Suicide Blonde

June 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

This book presented me with a moral dilemma. These stories could surfacely be described as pure whimsy, but as I learned through the annotations, this isn’t silliness without any depth. This is satire, logistics, political intrigue, and a coming-of-age story wrapped in beautiful symbolism.

That being said, the annotations also repeatedly reminded me that these stories were written by a man over the age of 30 as a sort of love story about a 7 year old girl. The editor insists that Carroll’s interest in young girls was completely non sexual-but this is a best case scenario. The fact that this much older man would be so completely devoted to little girls is a difficult thing to view as innocent adoration. This obsession speaks of something in Lewis Carroll that was obviously damaged and this damage haunts the stories and eventually the reader.

But the moral dilemma is: is art made unworthy if the creator is of questionable motives? In this case, it’s difficult to separate the creation from the creator.

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